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Methyl Bromide Fumigation Services - Import & Export

Fumapest Sydney is an AQIS accredited ISPM 15 supplier with ISPM 15 Accreditation 091 (Bankstown facility) and ISPM 15 Accreditation 092 (mobile services).
Fumapest provides a complete methyl bromide fumigation service for ISPM 15 both in house at our Bankstown depot or on a "we come to you" mobile service basis. is owned and produced by Fumapest Group based upon more than 40 years practical experience in providing fumigation and pest control services to tens of thousands of premises.

FUMAPEST mobile fumigation service @ Sydney Metro region

Our fumigation service is uniquely positioned in the market place, as the only currently AQIS ISPM 15 accredited mobile fumigation service in Australia offering total compliance under AWPCS and conforming to ISPM 15 requirements.
An initial assessment of your facilities is necessary to determine whether WorkCover requirements can be meet, particularly that a suitable fumigation “pad” is available on site. If so, you will save on transport costs, loading and unloading time involved in fumigation to the ISPM 15 standard requirements. Contact Michael DuBois at Fumapest - (02) 9722 9000.

FUMAPEST on-site fumigations @ Bankstown Sydney NSW

Fumapest has an accredited fumigation facility at our 39 Warren Ave, Bankstown office and warehousing facility, whereby timbers requiring fumigation for export are treated in accordance with AWPCS and ISPM 15. The maximum volume delivery for Bankstown site fumigations is 20 cubic metres at any one time. Contact Michael DuBois at Fumapest - (02) 9722 9000.
For larger heavier and bulky consignments, materials can be delivered to our fumigation facility at Hartney Downey Transport at 109 Gow Street, Padstow. This site is an accredited AQIS storage facility that has container handlers and heavy lifting forks with large fumigation pads available. Contact Michael DuBois at Fumapest - (02) 9722 9000.

Certification & ISPM 15 Stamp applied to Treated Timbers

On completion of each fumigation with methyl bromide, the necessary ISPM 15 stamp is applied to treated timbers as required for acceptance by the importing country and a Fumapest fumigation certificate is issued.
Fumapest has more than 30 years of continued experience in fumigations; currently employing four full-time WorkCover licensed fumigators. Fumapest is AQIS accredited as part of the AQIS Onshore Fumigation Scheme for imported container and product fumigations.
Fumapest is a highly organised pest control business and we believe our high standard of service and reliability is second to none. For further information regarding ISPM 15 compliant packaging clearance, please phone our managing director Mr Michael DuBois (02) 9722 9000 or 0417 771 240.

ISPM 15 Treated Wood Packaging

AQIS has issued the following guidelines for the Australian implementation of ISPM15. From 1st September 2004, AQIS will accept solid timber packaging and dunnage compliant with ISPM 15 in addition to packaging which meets existing AQIS requirements. Solid wood packaging excludes packaging made entirely from composite boards, plywood, and medium density fibre board. Please see AQIS's ICON database for import conditions for these products. For AQIS purposes, ISPM 15 treated packaging (1) Will NOT require a treatment certificate, provided the packing declaration indicates ISPM 15 compliance and freedom from bark (2) Will NOT need to satisfy the 21 day rule. There is no limitation on time between treatment and shipping this may be reviewed / changed by AQIS) and (3) Will be considered acceptable under existing AQIS Compliance Agreement arrangements.
For AQIS, the packing declaration is an essential quarantine risk management tool as it identifies if ISPM 15 compliant wood packaging has been used within a consignment. In order for a packing declaration to be acceptable it must contain (1) Letterhead or company stamp (2) Date or vessel/voyage reference (3) consignment identifier or numerical ink (4) Straw declaration (5) Timber declaration and bark declaration where required, and (6) Signature.
The revised packing declaration includes a new question relating to timber packaging. Question 2b asks if all solid timber packing in the consignment has been marked with ISPM 15 compliant stamps. If YES, an acceptable treatment has been performed on the packing, and if NO, consignments must be accompanied either by an acceptable treatment certificate or directed for AQIS inspection (a no response means that some or all of the packing is not marked with the ISPM 15 stamp).
All other packaging is subject to existing AQIS requirements and approved treatments. Further information on these requirements can be found on Cargo Containers: Quarantine aspects and procedures.

Links re: to AQIS ISPM 15 Fumigation Requirements

AQIS ISPM 15 - Wood packaging certification scheme for Australian exports - introduction - certification mark - responsibilities of each party - reuse and recycling of previously certified wood packaging material - certification of domestic wood packaging material for export under AWPS - regulated pests - requirements for methyl bromide fumigation providers.
AQIS ISPM 15 - AWPCS Register of AQIS certified fumigators - Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme Register, includes names, addresses and contact phone numbers of AQIS certified fumigation companies, heat treatment and wood packaging manufacturers approved under AWPCS.
International Standards for Phytosanitory Measures 15 issued by United Nations Secretariat pursuant to the International Plant Protection Convention; ISPM 15 Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade.
Australian Govt - Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - ISPM 15 - International adoption - treatment options - minimum methyl bromide fumigation standard - regulated pests associated with unprocessed wood - certification marks - AQIS approved fumigation premises.
ISPM 15 Participating Countries re ISPM 15 commencement dates for participating countries.

About Fumapest - the AUSTRALIAN Pest Control Company

The Fumapest Group was established in 1964 and is a second generation Australian family business.
Fumapest is the proud winner of a BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARD from the NSW Government - Office of Small Business and Qantas, for our safety approach and staff training program.
Fumapest is an Accredited Member of The Australian Pest Control Association Inc (APCA) since it's incorporation in 1987.
A Fumapest Director served as a member of the NSW Government Pest Control Licensing Board and the Standards Australia, Termite Control Committee.

We offer prompt and professional service throughout Greater Sydney region. Fumapest has been engaged by many leading companies, government agencies, hospitals, schools, clubs, restaurants, co-operatives, strata-managers, as well as thousands of home-owners, to protect their property and the health of the occupants and visitors to their premises.

Fumapest is APCA Quality Assured in HACCP and AQIS requirements for food handling premises, hospitals and other sensitive commercial and educational environments.
Several well known Sydney pest control competitors including Flick (Danish) and Rentokil (British) are foreign owned and controlled ... FUMAPEST is a 100% Australian family owned and operated business.
Fumapest has public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims for personal injury and faulty workmanship (including repairs costs of termite damage to buildings) of up to $10 million and $1 million respectively, with PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE LTD.

Fumapest Termite Control Technicians are NSW Govt Licensed PCO's with the TAFE Pest Control Certificate, and many years of field-work experience in fumigation of products for export and import.
The Fumapest Group Training Program regularly assesses and updates each Technician in WorkCover and AQIS accredited fumigation requirements. For further information regarding ISPM 15 compliant packaging clearance, please phone our managing director Mr Michael DuBois (02) 9722 9000 or 0417 771 240.

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