termite.com editors survive Bali bomb blast
"it's an absolute miracle we're alive" ... Glenn DuBois

Glenn DuBois and Peter Cooper arrive home in Australia after a miracle escape from the Bali bombing

Glenn DuBois and Peter Cooper have been part of the editorial team for the termite.com website since 1997. Both are lucky to be alive... they were standing in the Sari Club within 15 metres from the car bomb when it exploded knocking them unconscious. They came to, a few minutes later, with bodies and debris on top of them but with no one else left alive in the Sari Club (other survivors had escape d soon after the blast). They managed in a state of shell-shock, sometimes unconscious on their feet, to stagger out a few minutes before the Sari Club burst in flames "like a bonfire", said Glenn DuBois on his arrival back home in Sydney Australia.

Both suffered severely damaged ear drums and some minor cuts that needed stitches. Glenn has a fractured cheek-bone, but neither have any serious burns. "It's an absolute miracle we're alive... we feel so glad to survive with only minor injuries but are deeply traumatised by the loss of life and serious injury to so many people who were there, like us, just socialising, dancing and having a good time".

Our sincere condolences to the people and families adversely affected by this senseless act of bastardry.

Details of Glenn and Peter's horrific experience in the Bali bomb blast and their miraculous escape from being burnt to death was published in several articles listed below:

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UPDATE: 4th October 2003 in a recently released book “Back from the Dead” author Patrick Lindsay notes the Bali bomb was improperly prepared. The 1,000 kilogram mixture of explosives had detonated with an explosive force of a 100 kilogram bomb. Had it exploded to it’s full potential, then thousands (not hundreds) of people would have been killed and many more maimed over a much wider area .... a thought too horrible to contemplate.

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