Pest Control - Spiders

Many of the spiders found in the garden or inside the home are of low hazard to humans. Some are highly dangerous, even deadly to humans, particularly to children or the elderly. In addition, the copious webs from a spider infestation around the home can create an awful looking mess.

For whatever reason, you may need to control the problem - safely and effectively.

DON'T RISK IT we recommend you engage a professional pest control company for any serious spider control problem.

We list below some advice and suggestions to assist you in selecting a reliable company.


Tips on Selecting a Professional Pest Controller

The safer insecticides - we recommend the professional pest controller use a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide to the webs and daytime spider shelter areas of above-ground dwelling spiders and into the burrows of ground-dwelling spiders. In most cases this will eradicate the spiders present, usually within one week for above-ground dwelling spiders and same day result for ground-dwelling spiders.

The pyrethroid insecticides are based on the natural extract of the pyrethrum plant and are of very low toxicity to humans and other warm blooded mammals (dogs, cats, etc.). Make sure any chemical used indoors is water based (not solvent based).

In general, you should expect to pay around $200 to $250, for small to medium premises.

Some questions to ask the company - before you arrange a pest control service

How long have you been in business? Are you a member of a Pest Control Association?

What chemicals will you use? How safe are they to children and pets?

Does a service warranty apply ...if so, for how long?

Are there any steps required to be carried out by the home-owner prior to and after any insecticidal treatment?
Don't sweep away the webs before and up to 2 weeks after, insecticidal treatment.

Applicable service warranties vary - usually between 3 to 6 months for above-ground webbing spiders, depending upon spesies, extent of onfestation, time of the year, etc.

However, no service warranties apply for ground-dwelling spiders due to the difficulty in locating all their burrows. You may attempt to locate the burrows yourself and pour some insecticide down the burrow. Make sure you use appropriate protective equipment in the process.

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