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termite.com is your complete guide to termites (white ants) and other pests in the Warracknabeal region; information on termite control; pest control and pesticide safety issues; and consumer protection advice from The Australian Pest Control Association Inc. on selecting a pest control service company.
WARNING: Be careful in selecting a pest controller - it's far too easy to get a VIC State Government pest control license ...more details > click here
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Recently a new range of pest and termite control products have entered the marketplace, including hi-tech baits for termite control, cockroaches and ants.
Although much safer to use in and around the home these products are more expensive and require a far higher level of skill to ensure an effective result.

Found termites / white-ants? If you are an existing home owner in Warracknabeal region, we recommend you obtain the services of a termite control company that uses the safer, more effective termite control products, such as Termidor or Premise soil barrier treatment chemical.

In circumstances, where a complete Termidor or Premise barrier treatment is not practicable, we recommend the use of a termite baiting system such as Exterra. You'll find details on Exterra and other less favourable products, such as Arsenic dust and the Sentricon termite baiting system in the Termite Control section of this web-site.

Pesticide Safety Advice

The older style acute toxicity pesticides (usually solvent based with an awful smell) are commonly used by the fly-by-night "cut-price" operators as an overall "blanket-spray" for general pests or in the subfloor area for termites.
Some of the insect pests show chemical resistance given the widespread use of these pesticides over the last 30 years.
Unfortunately, the VIC pest control industry has a mixed reputation ... good and bad. Be careful in selecting a pest controller - it's far too easy to start up a pest control business in VIC and employ people using pesticides with little or no training ... more details.

Further information in the Consumer Advice section of this website, including some important tips from The Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc. on selecting a professional pest controller in the Warracknabeal region.

termite control expert
A termite control expert examines an above ground termite sub-nest built inside a wall cavity of a home.

Termites often build such above ground nests, where moisture collects in the wall cavity from leaking pipes, shower recess, faulty guttering, etc.

Kordon - Builders Termite Control Product

HOME BUILDERS in the Warracknabeal region: you'll also find details on KORDON termite control physical barrier designed to be installed during construction. Kordon is a product developed and manufactured by Bayer, who test, monitor and provide accreditation to specialist installers. CLICK HERE for KORDON information.

Termites rampant in Warracknabeal homes - will Yours be next?

Recent industry surveys suggest that about one in three homes in VIC will suffer a termite infestation. To make matters worse your home insurance policy does NOT cover the damage which may involve costly replacement of floor, wall and roofing timbers.
Fortunately, several new hi-tech termite control products from the USA such as, Termidor and Premise are now available in Australia which offers 100% termite protection in the vast majority of situations.
Termidor and Premise are used for soil barrier treatment at the base of a building to prevent termite entry into the building AND by a unique delayed transfer effect can eliminate termite colony nests surrounding the building. Termidor has been tested in the USA for more than 8 years and has recently been approved for use against Australian termites.

Termidor and Premise work quite differently from other soil barrier treatment products. Most other such termiticides are repellents, which means they keep termites away from a treated soil area. This means a gap in the barrier is more easily detected by the termites, to enable entry into the building.
With Termidor or Premise, the termites cannot detect the chemical in the soil as it has no odour, taste or smell to the termites.

Premise has a unique dual-action effect

Termites tunneling in the Premise treated soil area abutting the building (of higher Premise concentration levels - near the point of application) are killed outright, within a few hours.
Termites unknowingly tunneling in the outer parts of a Premise treated soil area (of lower Premise concentration) cannot detect the Premise chemical which sticks to their bodies and has a delayed lethal effect of a few days - enough time to be transferred back to the central colony nest.

The affected termites spread the Premise chemical to other termites during regular physical contact, particularly when working together in close proximity, grooming and feeding other termite colony members.
Termites are an ancient insect with a 250 million year history. They have evolved a very thin waxy skin (called an exoskeleton). Premise is designed to stick to the termite and be slowly absorbed into the termite's body, in order to kill the affected termites within a few days.

Termites often cannibalise or carry away other dead termites, further spreading the deadly effect of the Premise chemical to other termite colony members. Click on Premise and Termidor for further information.

PREMISE is the lower cost effective alternative

Premise is marketed by Bayer as the lower cost effective product used extensively throughout the USA and Australia. Bayer claims that Premise has a transfer or "Domino Effect" aimed at wide-spread termite elimination in areas surrounding the building. For an excellent research paper on the Premise transfer effect from Bayer Research - CLICK HERE.
CONSUMER NOTE: For the homeowner with active termites in their property, we recommend you arrange for a Termite Inspection and Report, including written specifications for a complete soil treatment (where practicable) using Premise or Termidor. Where such a barrier is NOT practicable, we recommend the Exterra or Sentricon termite baiting system be installed.
SAFETY ASSURED: Exterra, Premise and Termidor products are ultra-low hazard to people and are discussed in detail in the Termite Control section of this website. Termite control is a job for the specialists - that's why these products are only available for use by licensed pest controllers.

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It's IMPORTANT to know ... About Termites

WARNING: Termite damage to a building or other timber structures can be severe and your home insurance does NOT cover the repair costs. Termites are known to attack homes in the Warracknabeal region and cause severe damage to roofing and wall framing timbers within a few months of initial infestation.

We recommend you check out the About Termites in VIC section of this web-site to help you assess your property's level of risk, and if need be, to choose which of the termite control methods will best protect your property.
The alternative termite control methods aim at exploiting certain behavioural characteristics of termites in varying types of building situations. Click on About Termites in VIC

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