Online Coupon Tracking Software

CouponManager.net is an online coupon tracking software application that allows a website owner with single or multiple branches or groupings, to provide, track and analyse a variety of coupons or special offers taken up by their website visitors.

CouponManager.net is suitable for one office, a group of offices or a directory website with thousands of subscribers offering a variety of coupons or special offers as a proven method of obtaining customer leads and sales from the internet. Potential customers are more likely to provide contact details to buy products or services if a "Internet Special COUPON Offer" is provided.

CouponManager.net offers flexibility in devising the special offer with a variety of terms and conditions attached. The real time tracking of such customers leads allows immediate feedback, follow up and analysis of the sales opportunities. In addition, we can customize the program to suit individual business needs and preferences.

CouponManager.net is ideally suited to a LARGE DIRECTORY WEBSITE with MULTIPLE SUBSCRIBERS offering a range of coupon specials, particularly as each subscriber (and the directory owner) can receive definitive feed-back from potential customers viewing the directory.

- Directory subscribers can enter a password to view their potential customer details (eg, customer name, address, phone and email address) together with details of the specific discount or special sales offer.

- The directory owner can initiate a variety of coupon pages to a multitude of subscribers (each with multiple branches / outlets) and each coupon or group of coupons may have specific terms and conditions custom made as required.

- Various live real time reports are available to the master password holder (the directory owner)and each subscriber office or group of offices/outlets for follow up, tracking and accounting analysis.

- For an example of LARGE DIRECTORY WEBSITE using CouponManager.net see www.termite.com go to Houston, USA or Melbourne, Australia.

CouponManager.net support team can help the SMALL WEBSITE owner to design the coupons and install the program online. As soon as the coupon is completed an email is automatically forwarded to the business owner and a real time online report to the owner lists details of the customer and associated coupon or special offer recorded.

CouponManager.net program is useful to programmers of LARGER WEBSITES with a business operations database attached ... primarily as an inexpensive add-on ... provided specifications are compatible.

CouponManager.net web application generates the coupon automatically and stores the visitor / customer details on a database from which several management reports are generated.

The coupon or special offer can be for a product or service; such as, a 10% discount or a set price reduction for a particular product or service. Programmed with a HTML interface that can be can be altered to suit your particular web-based system.

Technical Specifications:

CouponManager.net is programmed in ASP (Classic) with a flexible HTML interface that allows for easy text, colour and font face alterations.

The information is stored in a Microsoft Access database via SQL with a Microsoft Access Driver ADODB Connection. The email component CDONTS from IIS (internet information server) is installed automatically with IIS.

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows

Internet Information Services 5 or higher.

CPU Processor: 500 MHz or higher.

RAM: 128 MB

Hard Drive space: 5 MB


CouponManager.net - unit price $850

Estimates for customization of program are provided free of charge.

For further details email us at enquiries@CouponManager.net

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